2 Weeks Short plan:

Departure: 1st/2nd September 2017

Return:  17th/18th September 2017

3 Weeks Longer Stay:

Departure: 1st September 2017

Return:  21 September 2017

Note: Dates may vary sightly due to moon sighting or airline schedule.

Package Salient Features:

  1. Flights arriving at Medina Airport. Much less hassle than Hajj terminal Jeddah. No managing luggage while in Ihram.
  2. Putting on Ihram following the footsteps of Rassol SAW.
  3. Proven track record of pilgrim service for the last 6 years
  4. Half board food in Medinah and Aziziah accommodation.
  5. The Aziziah accommodation is near Jamarat.(4 people  segregated sharing)
  6.  All pilgrims to be shifted to 5 star hotel near Haram after Hajj with Bed & breakfast option. (Only for 3 weeks package)
  7. Religiously qualified scholar is part of the package.
  8. Qurbani is also included in the package price.
  9. Flights as described above are also included.
  10. Hajj Visa acquisition on your behalf.
  11. Hajj drafts included as well.
  12. Mina Tents with food provided by Mutawif.
  13. Arafat Tents
  14. All transport is also provided by Mutawif with Air conditioned coaches.
  15. Hajj Kit/Gift Pack

2 Weeks Quad/Quint Sharing: £3600 per person

3 Weeks Quad/Quint Sharing: £4299 per person

Please go to availability section to book online. If you face any difficulty, please call us at 0203 743 8188. 

Aziziah apartment Pictures:

Image Today 19-29-18 Image Today 19-29-19 Image Today 19-29-19 (1) Image Today 19-28-48 Image Today 19-29-19Aziziyah apartment from outsideImage Today 19-29-25




Medinah Hotel Pics:

Image Today 17-04-41 Image Today 17-04-40 Image Today 17-04-39 Image Today 17-04-38 Image Today 17-04-37


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